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    South Instruments


    Topoequipos es una empresa que distribuye en todo Colombia Equipos topográficos, topografia, gps, submetricos, estaciones totales, topcon, south, javad, entre muchos otros

  • Estacionestotales South

    South Instruments


    Soluciónes RTK para levantamientos altamente productiva y fiable que permite un posicionamiento GNSS preciso, con diseños inteligentes

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  • EstaciónTotal ES

    Nuevo diseño avanzado con tecnología superior

    La nueva Serie Es

    Fue diseñada desde cero para ofrecer las ventajas de la tecnología de última generación,todo en un diseño pequeño y elegante

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Este es un espacio dedicado a todas esas noticias del área de la Geomática que puede interesarle a todos nuestros clientes.
3D mapping of Notre Dame will help restoration
17 Abr 2019 14:253D mapping of Notre Dame will help restoration

Detailed 3D maps of the iconic and historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris hold out hope for accurate reconstruction after it was devastated by a massive fire April 15. Both the ceiling and the spire were destroyed, as well as internal woodwork. But the information to restore the cathedral is abundant. Besides photos, in 2015 art historian Andrew Tallon used laser scanners to create an immaculately accurate model of the cathedral, as reported in this National Geographic feature. [ ... ]

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UAS Lidar Survey over an Ancient Pueblo Site
17 Abr 2019 14:24UAS Lidar Survey over an Ancient Pueblo Site

Creating an Accurate and Dense Digital Terrain Model Requires Expertise Gert Riemersma             Archaeologists have been studying the Sand Canyon Pueblo in Colorado, USA, for decades. Today, painstaking traditional mapping and visualizations no longer suffice for detailed studies. A survey combining an unmanned aerial system (UAS) with Lidar has shown how accurate and dense point clouds enable the discovery of previously undocumented str [ ... ]

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Innovation: Better jamming mitigation
03 Abr 2019 13:36Innovation: Better jamming mitigation

Using Wavelets for a Robust Vector-Tracking-Based GPS Software Receiver INNOVATION INSIGHTS by Richard Langley ALFRÉD HAAR. Who is he, you might ask? Alfréd Haar was a Hungarian mathematician who introduced the concept of wavelets during his Ph.D. work on orthogonal functional systems under David Hilbert of Hilbert transform fame. And what is a wavelet? Generally speaking, a wavelet, as its name suggests, is a brief oscillation in time with an amplitude that begins at zero, goe [ ... ]

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A Geo Window on Africa
03 Abr 2019 13:29A Geo Window on Africa

Since 1990, the urban population of Africa has doubled, with more than 80% of its denizens living in urban areas. Urbanization can contribute to sustainable growth, if managed well. However, its speed and scale bring challenges, including meeting accelerated demand for affordable housing, transport systems, infrastructure, basic services and jobs. Population data such as shown above is only a sample of the geospatial data available in Esri’s new Africa GeoPortal ( [ ... ]

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DARPA seeks tools to capture underground worlds in...
03 Abr 2019 13:28DARPA seeks tools to capture underground worlds in 3D

Request for Information pursues state-of-the-art technologies for collecting and characterizing 3D mapping and surveying data. DARPA is seeking information on state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies for advanced mapping and surveying in support of the agency’s Subterranean (SubT) Challenge. Georeferenced data — geographic coordinates tied to a map or image — could significantly improve the speed and accuracy of warfighters in time-sensitive active combat operations and disas [ ... ]

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Norway proves Russian interference
21 Mar 2019 13:26Norway proves Russian interference

Norway has electronic proof that Russian forces disrupted GPS signals during recent NATO war games, according to a report in Reuters news service. The Scandinavian country andNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member has demanded an explanation from its neighbor. “We recognize Russia’s right to exercise and train its capacities [but] it is not acceptable that this kind of activity affects security in Norwegian air space,” stated the Norwegian defense ministry. Finland and Norway pu [ ... ]

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NovAtel further enhances Waypoint GNSS+INS post-pr...
21 Mar 2019 13:25NovAtel further enhances Waypoint GNSS+INS post-processing

Photo: NovAtel NovAtel’s Waypoint Products Group has released version 8.80 of its GNSS and GNSS+INS post-processing software products, including Inertial Explorer, Inertial Explorer Xpress, GrafNav and GrafNet. All Waypoint customers with an active subscription that are within the support period qualify for the Waypoint 8.80 upgrade at no additional charge. Key features of the 8.80 release include:
• High-rate precise satellite orbit and clock corrections available in min [ ... ]

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Surveyors and smart cities — partners in technolog...
21 Mar 2019 13:23Surveyors and smart cities — partners in technology

Image: Everywhere we turn today, the term “smart” is attached to an item or to a process. Smartphones, smart cars, smart electricity grids, smart home appliances; you name it, someone is making it a “smart” item or process. Advancement in technology has increased computing power, expanded data storage capability, and has allowed for miniaturization of circuits and processors. This forward progress has led to the creation of these smart item/processes, an [ ... ]

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Year-long ocean cruise finds GNSS interference…eve...
15 Mar 2019 13:52Year-long ocean cruise finds GNSS interference…everywhere

A year-long project aboard a commercial cargo ship collected tens of thousands of snapshots of radio-frequency interference in the GNSS band on a passage from Spain to Korea and back. Most interference was detected in busy port areas, less interference while transiting along coasts, and while least frequent, interference was still found in the open ocean. Researchers at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) are still analyzing the vast amount of GNSS disruption data collected during the year-long [ ... ]

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Galileo Service Centre operations transferred to S...
15 Mar 2019 13:49Galileo Service Centre operations transferred to Spaceopal

Photo: GSC/GSA Responsibility for in-depth troubleshooting and problem resolution of the GSC Ground Infrastructure has been transferred from a European GNSS Agency (GSA)-held European GNSS Service Centre (GSC) infrastructure contract to Spaceopal and its core team member DLR GfR, responsible in the Galileo Service Operator (GSOp) industrial organization also for L2/L3 maintenance activity. This contract extends for 10 years. The transfer occurred after Spaceopal successful [ ... ]

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